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Net Hire

We have an in store net with a bowling machine linkpops and can offer net hire and/or coaching, as well as giving customers a chance to try out demo versions of certain bats.

A coaches eye view from the bowling machine, behind the safety of perspex!
A coaches eye view from the bowling machine, behind the safety of perspex!

If you don't want or need any coaching, then you can still hire the net and bowling machine to have a hit. We have an automatic feed which delivers a ball every 7 seconds The machine is capable of sending down any type of delivery you can dream up, from mystery spin at 30mph right up to chin music at 99mph! There is also a random mode if you swarovski replica watches really fancy testing yourself....

In an hour you can expect to face up to 300 balls, and in half an hour up to 150. Great for really nailing your technique on a certain shot, or just getting your eye in ready for the weekend.

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From January 1st 2015, Net Hire prices will be as follows:

Net Hire

30 Minutes - £15

1 Hour - £30

Block booking (10+ sessions booked & paid for up front) discounts are available. Please ask for details.

Feel free to split this time amongst a number of cricketers.

Please call 01733 201144 to book the net.